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Pre-Professional Division

Pre-Professional Division

The School's Pre-Professional Division offers advanced levels of instructions to students in Ballet V to Ballet VIIII (Company Level). Auditions are required for admission and placement is based on strength and physical development and ballet technique. 

Ballet V - VIII

Our Company Level dancers continue their training in classical ballet technique, pointe work, men's class, partnering, and jazz dance. Additionally, they are expected to perform in all of the Southold Dance Theater productions. In addition to their normal classes, they are required to stay for company rehearsals, according to their casting. Over the summer, company-level dancers are required to participate in a 4-week long summer intensive.

Five weekly classes required.

If your child is new to Southold and would like to register for one of our Pre-Professional Division level classes, please call our office to schedule an audition or placement class at (574) 233-9841 or email

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