Summer At Southold 

Registration is now open!

Summer intensives 2021

Summer is a time of focused, intensive training where many skills are gained and refined. Classical dance training is a methodical, graded process that demands a high level of commitment to reach your maximum potential. We strongly encourage all Southold Dancers to participate fully in our summer programs. Registrations are based on Fall 2020 placement. New students are welcome to audition for our summer program. Please call the office to schedule a placement class at 574-233-9841 or email 

Summer Intensive 2021

Jr. Summer Intensive I - II

Pre-Professional Summer Intensive III - IV

Advanced Pre-Professional Intensive V - VIII

 Week 1    June 14 - 18  Levels I - VIII

 Week 2    June 21 - 25  Levels I - VIII

 Week 3    July 26 - 30   Levels IV - VIII

 Week 4    Agust 2 - 6    Levels IV- VIII